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If anyone sees this – I remember years ago, this new-fangled “Timeline” concept. What happened to our “Wall”? Isn’t clicking on someone’s name – then making a post on their page – posting to “their Wall”? But facebook appears to call it “Timeline”. Pfffft! Is it different if (like in this example) I’m posting to my own account?   So beyond semantic debates, who got time for that? 😂 I can either post this question now, or “Leave page”. Ah well. Someone out there “knows”. Perhaps they’ll enlighten me, or not!
If I didn’t follow my family’s request – you know who you are, you savvy Facebook(er) with the great pic of some of our other great family and you just last week at Niagara Falls as your “profile background”. Wait – disregard this entire second paragraph – I achieve the same goal by just “tagging” you. That’s simply – I just start typing your name, right?
How come when I type your name nothing happens?
Wait, what is a News Feed? My options include it or “Your Story” (this can’t be shared to your story). And Send in Messenger.
Wait, Messenger is just Facebook’s app for texting, right? I use Hangouts. I think the app called Messages is on every Android device. Verizon cell phones all seem to use some app called Messages+ (I have AT&T). Rumor has it the “cool kids” (hilarious) use WhatsApp.
Facebook owns that too. Exhausting. Say whatever you will about the “cool kids”, maybe there’s an app for that!
I identify with the phrase “wasted time”! But then, I’ll take solice in that no one sees this, or if they do they won’t still be reading. Chalk up one point to Facebook. Jeff – 0.
Wait – when I type my own name I can tag myself!? But if I type…
Heather Flo
Now it works!? – tag – you’re it. I tried typing your name earlier in this “post” – literally did so before EVERYTHING ELSE except my first paragraph.
I just wanted to see if I could post on my “wall”. I posted – on my – news feed, timeline, wall, story, life event – or…. 🤪
My family is crazy patient – well. Some of us are crazy. Some of us are patient. Some are crazy and patient lol
I’ll try and learn – just takes watching / listening and patience. Right? Friends got this stuff figured out too! Hey, a lot can change in.. 9 years time? Heck I only avoided Facebook for 5. So a lot can change in 5 years time?
Talking/posting/texting/calling/messaging – wait. Email? HAH. What email?
I value physically seeing, listening, and communicating with everyone who can see this. That means family and friends, right?
Privacy? Facebook says this is a News Feed and my friends and family can read this. I get the concept – while knowing friends and family MIGHT see this, who’s to say what Facebook algorithm puts what where. Pretty sure I can find this ‘post’ – it’s on my ‘page’, right?
I saw a post where a family member asked – in CLEAR terms – to perform a simple task. I think I did it correctly – but 2 hour later, would I ‘swear’ it? No!
No one ever intends to waste another’s time, right? Certainly not their own time. Don’t allow me – ever – to waste any of your time, nor mine.
Friends! (Facebook wants me to tag Lew Friend – been a few years!) Family! You guys make everything interesting!! Forgive me. It feels as though – see what I did there?
OK, I’ll complete the thought, seriously. “It feels as though all that matters now is…. SLEEP”.
Friends and Family – if you don’t know any better, that statement is how – ok geez, so many words, right? This is simple!
Expressing emotions – speaking plainly. SLEEP. Eating, exercise – family, friends, continually learning. Humility. Each of you could rattle off some more things that are important!
Drama? Wasted time – only importance related to those two topics? AVOIDANCE!
Whether friend or family, WHATEVER you tell me that follows “It feels” or “I feel” or “<insert emotion here>” – no matter when or where, or how – I will focus and practice my ability to listen while actually DOING so.
Wait – listening is a skill, and people practice it? Seriously!? He’s like – old, right? Probably a little crazy too.
I’m happy to be judged 🤗I know, there are people out there that have it all figured out. Everything. I know SARCASM can’t be communicated effectively in a post or text. OK, maybe EVER, even if I happen to be standing directly in front of you!
Wasted time, negativity, and failure.
Technology, communication. Both evolving! Wait, why is it in human nature to avoid change? It’s inevitable, correct? Evidence we’re still here.
We have control over what? Nothing but ourselves, right!? SLEEP, lol. That’s it!
The only potential roadblock is what, negativity? Wait, what am I talking about – I need sleep. And family and friends, and food, you know – “all the good things!”
I know I didn’t think the word. I’ll “say” (well ok, type) it anyway – belief. Believe.
All these words make me sleepy – wait. No, I’m sleepy because it is 3:00AM! Was I even talking this last hour? Wrong question! A different question is, for “the audience”, as in – the family, and friends – that I attempted to send a 1-way message to, in the last 6 hours.
6 HOURS!? OK I get it. 6 hours of wasted time. Of all the people in the world – OK, “the world” should be “my world” – did anyone listen?
I believe – wait there’s that word again. I FEEL like I spent 6 hours today, during which time I sent a few text messages – And posted this. That MATTERED, correct?
Friends and Family! I communicate – strike that – I LISTEN, understand, remember, and enjoy being in your physical presence!
Convenience is rare, sure. As is effective communication – a two-way conversation, where both parties listen, understand, heck possibly even empathize! Now that sounds like value. I’ll go so far as to state – that time spent in your presence – more valuable than any MATERIAL possession, to me.
I got problems. I spent the last 6 hours trying to explain to (nearly) everyone important in my life the concept in that last paragraph.
“Trying to explain” is the same thing as communication, right? Oh yeah, sarcasm and negativity and all those words in “texts” and a Facebook post – rambling…
Communication can only be confirmed, measured, calibrated, received, acknowledged, and DEFINED by all the parties who took part. I have control over me.
Well now, “wasted time” certainly carries a negative connotation, as phrases go. I suppose. Well who got time for that!? I’m going to sleep! 🤨
Please stay positive! Be patient and loving, focus, and avoid negativity. Once you figure it all out, help me learn to do so as well 😂😂😴
Seriously! And that goes for every darn word in this POST. Same for those texts delivered in last 6 hours, approximately. I mean it! Let’s COMMUNICATE – as in, spend quality time and appreciate each other’s presence and company.
Wait – that’s what I spent my time doing these last 6 hours, right? A facebook post and a few texts – where I tried to explain it all. So “Effective communication” – oh, I NOW get it!! It is the EXACT opposite of “I tried to explain”. Where someone heard me. Then listened. Considered, replied. That sounds awesome!
Why – or perhaps the correct interrogatory is HOW. How is there enough time in the day if I vested 6 hours and only “communicated” with 2 people in the world? When my intention was to communicate with ALL my friends and family with this sorcery – I mean, technology?
Ah well. I tried! You know what they say – where two OR MORE congregate… There’s that “they” word again too, so ubiquitous 🤔 and impersonal. Why? Simple, Our relationships are more valuable than any material thing in this world.
What’s more valuable? Trick question! Correct answer is nothing, right? But without honest, effective, two-way communication – the relationship not only disappears. It never even began.
Did ANYONE hear ANYTHING? I’m still working on patience and listening. I sometimes hear! I know to “rest assured” – but who doesn’t worry about stuff from time to time?
How embarrassing! Thank God – I dreamed it all, the last 6 hours!! I’m tired, but that effort, or energy I put out – to all my friends and family – everyone important in my life – stated in such poor fashion – THAT was a dream, not AN ATTEMPT TO COMMUNICATE.
Last thought? I’m tired, lol. Energy is kinda interesting like that, thank God! Love you guys! We’ll figure it out together – because, anything is possible, right? While not one of us could possibly know EVERYTHING, heck, if somehow YOU FEEL some way and choose to express it – hit me up! Help me – that is, if you see ANY potential, the SLIGHTEST chance that you will benefit – Help me join you. Let’s do it 😉 You know – get together! Participate in effective communication.
I’m going to bed for a nice LONG sleep. Good morning, or night – wherever you are. If you heard this!

Came to me

Another excellent resource… And so glad to be able to share a small piece of another person’s testimony (peace) !


Gratitude List 15/08/2018

Came to believe in a power greater than myself.

Came? I can relate to that. Because that’s exactly how it happened for me. I didn’t wake up one day and say ‘today I will not stop until I find that belief.’ I was under no pressure. I was reading a book in a café when it came, I wasn’t searching for it.

What definitely helped was doing some simple daily suggestions that were asked of me – attend meetings, write a gratitude list, pray and meditate (even if I had to fake it to start with), write an inventory, call other like minded fellows, read recovery based literature and call the very person who gave me these suggestions.

Those suggestions along with open-mindedness, the realisation of both powerlessness and unmanagabilty and the discovery of humility, paved the way for this belief to come to me.

I will…

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I think, ultimately, I want what everyone wants. No wait – cliches can’t be true *sarcasm*.

OK, OK I’ll stop for now. But here’s the gist of it – a central place to track resources on things of utmost importance to us.





+That long lost reference, gone – deleted – but forever? Allow me the latitude of a reference by reference – a very dear and near friend of mine whom I can’t imagine would hold against me (at least for now):

“You asked a really good question: “…are you willing to part with everything else just to get it?” Many times, if we force an issue, we still end up on the losing end. I have seen many relationships fail because of someone’s need to prove a point.”


10 Top Tips for a Happy & Successful Marriage!

Very well written!

PeacePrayerLove@ the7ofus.blog


A very wise woman and beloved teacher, (whose name is Hedaya Hartford) once said, ‘If you’re not working on your marriage, it’s not working!’

Books recommend on this topic are:

  • Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships
    by John Gray
  • Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin
  • Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle
  • The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
  • Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage by Hedaya Hartford (obviously this is more suited to muslims!)

There are also a few courses I highly recommend: Anything to do with Laura Doyle and the book she wrote ‘Surrendered Wife’; she has a website where you can sign up to learning more here.

If you’re muslim, go to Sara Malik’s fabulous website and course or the highly inspirational Naielah Ackbarali at her website here. Naielah has…

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